Auto Archive SourceSafe 2005

I needed a way to back up SourceSafe 2005 automatically.

I found this link http://getacoder.cn.googlepages.com/Backup-SourceSafe.html but made some modifications to the code to get it to work. I was getting an Invalid DOS path error when trying to run the .bat file. Windows didn’t like how the date portion of the file was being created.

@echo off
@title Backing up SourceSafe databases
SsPath=C:Program FilesMicrosoft Visual SourceSafe

"%SsPath%ssarc.exe" -d- -s"D:Source Code" -i- -yadmin,password -o@"%BakPath%Backup-output(%date:/=-%).txt" "%BakPath%Backup-Database(%date:/=-%).ssa" $/

Finished backups
@echo on

Also putting "pause" at the end of this file will help you view the command window before it closes.
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