Block IP Address or Range Using Windows Firewall

Using a firewall you can easily block pesky and unwarranted IP addresses from infecting your system. Installing and setting up the Windows firewall is simple and keeps out the wrong IP addresses from your PC.

Establishing Network Security

Every once in a while you will get an IP address that is wholly unwanted. You can block these IP addresses using a number of methods. By going to the start menu, finding the start menu or administrative tools, you can easily bypass these options using advanced security and establish a new rule. By establishing and managing a new custom rule that blocks IP’s you can go along way to creating a strong buffer between your computer server and the outside world.

Our Issue

We have a Windows Server, that from time to time, gets hit by an IP address over and over again. We can see it in our Windows Event Logs. That IP address is probably up to no good. As a result, it is time to block the IP address or IP range. Here is how we do it;

  • Service Manager -> windows firewall with advanced security ->Inbound Rules
    block IP address
    You can also get there by Start -> administrative tools > windows firewall with advanced security
  • New Rule
  • Now follow these screenshots







  • After you click finish, you can view your new rule

Building and Developing Protocol

Following this guide it’s possible to establish and maintain a windows firewall block IP range, a windows block IP, and a windows firewall block IP. Adding the specific IP addresses you want to block will do wonders for your network security. Using the security model you can create a New Inbound Rule to Block the Connection given a specific IP address.

Customizing Security Applications

You can also specify the exact domain, public, and private spheres this rule applies too. Setting the rules to cover specific domains is pertinent to having a domesticated private server to block out unwanted IPS. Naming your rule and adding a description will finalize and verify your security settings.

Security Settings

Once you have your IP Blocking Rule, you can begin to neuter and stop incoming traffic to your computer. Knowing how to block ipIPindows firewall is an important aspect of network security because it establishes the grounds for what goes into and out of your computer, and a windows server block IP also goes a long way.

Ensuring the Network is Secure and Future Steps

If you have a good grasp on how to block IP in windows firewall, you can use this information to continue to take steps in ensuring network security. Once you have the basics down you can apply the same techniques until every unwanted IP is completely eradicated.

In the modern day and age, information is very important, and the transferring of data from one place to another crosses over many lines. In order to ensure that your information is secure, proper research and implementation of security techniques are of utmost importance. Knowing where your information is moving towards, and being on top of data moving out towards is one step in being technologically savvy, as well as having a secure network. The next step is making sure that your IP hasn’t been compromised, and, if there are any data leaks, what you can do to prevent them.

A windows firewall is comparatively important in ordering, structuring, and rerouting potentially dangerous pools of data, and blocking entry into your network base. Setting up and securing a firewall is a simple maneuver with a low learning curve, but, with additional tools and information, can be mastered to successfully shut down any negative IP addresses from pinging your server.

The good news is that all Windows PC’s have a built in Firewall that’s chock full of customization and abilities giving you the option to creatively shut down any IP’s. Maximizing this skill is deceptively simple, and by setting a rule, you can easily set your own guidelines for security parameters.

Security concerns are prevalent with most networks, and stray IP addresses aren’t new to anyone. Thankfully, with this guide, you can easily bypass all security concerns and set up your Windows Firewall to effectively shut down anything problematic. The people at CM3Solutions is designed to create simple guidelines on blocking and disseminating bad security lines. There’s simply no reason to not get set up today.

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