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Auto Archive SourceSafe 2005

I needed a way to back up SourceSafe 2005 automatically. I found this link http://getacoder.cn.googlepages.com/Backup-SourceSafe.html but made some modifications to the code to get it to work. I was getting an Invalid DOS path error when trying to run the .bat file. Windows didn’t like how the date portion of the file was being created. […]

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Green Tip #1: Recycling Just Got Easy

Here is a tip to make recycling in your home more efficient and easy. Most people store their recycling bins outside or in their garage.  Instead of carrying items like cans or bottles out to your recycling bin, why not put a brown paper bag from the grocery store right next to your garbage can. […]

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No DirecTv Vista Media Center Till 2010

Enagadgethd.com  posted this terrible and horrifying headline. ‘No DirecTV HD for Vista Media Center until 2010"? "The testers we’ve talked to have reportedly been told that H.264 and DirecTV support have been pushed to Windows 7, which would mean it’ll be 2010 before we see it." Sometimes I feel like supporting Microsoft these days seems […]

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DirecTv Tivo Update has arrived

Well, it finally happened. We got our notice from DirecTv to download their software update for our DirecTv Tivo. I’ve talked about this software update in a previous post. We downloaded the software update and didn’t really notice any difference. My wife noticed that there is now a ‘Deleted Items’ folder. Which is OK, but […]

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Bring a bag, Save the world

Obviously, I am making a reference to the Hero’s TV show "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" phrase from the first season. If you haven’t watch the show you should. It’s a favorite of mine. Anyway, we were in a Giant Supermarket the other day and we decided to bring our own bag from the […]

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Web Browser Firefox 3 is here

The newest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser has arrived. In May of 2008:65.50% of internet users used Microsoft’s Internet Explorer15.05% of internet users used Mozilla’s FireFox I use Firefox most of the time. Most of you reading this probably use IE(Internet Explorer). I wont bore you with the super geeked out differences between Firefox […]

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You should give the Planet Green channel a try

We at CM3 Solutions are very involved in the green movement. From personally eating organic foods to helping businesses become more environmentally friendly. So when I heard that Discovery networks had purchased TreeHugger.com, a personal favorite web site of mine, and were changing Discovery Home to Planet Green. I was very interested in how it […]

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I don’t like Best Buy

The title says it all – I don’t like Best Buy. Let me tell you about my experiences with Best Buy, the home electronics chain here in the US. Let’s start this story several years ago. My wife and I, for a wedding gift to ourselves, decided to purchase a big screen rear projection TV. […]

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Windows codename Fiji Screen Shots

ArsTechnica.com, a great technology news site, has an article up about the new version of windows ‘Fiji’ which supports DirecTv. They have posted some pictures but nothing too earth shattering. But non the less, Directv on my media center PC is coming 😉 "Windows codename Fiji, also known as "Media Center Edition +1," is the […]

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