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When busy on the frontlines of business, you may have considered content as a sideline practice; but it’s really not. Good content means more business growth and engagement, and creating content is one of the best online marketing practices you can employ. Your consumers will always appreciate free and informative content, and providing them with it helps to attract new customers and keep them.

When creating content for your business, ask yourself the following questions:

Have You Done Your SEO Research?

Although content creation can often be a fun and creative way to promote your business, don’t get too carried away in the creation of it. You need to view content with a practical mind, as the content is there to target your keywords, market your business in the best possible way, and therefore gain new sales.

In order to do this successfully, you need to undertake thorough SEO research.

Have You Considered Link Building?

Utilizing backlinks is a fundamental part of any business’s marketing strategy, and – in order to make your backlinks worthwhile – you’ll need to make sure that any and all content is worth backlinking to. The more authority sites you can gain backlinks on, the better it will be for your search engine page ranking.

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Have You Set Your Content Goals?

Simply creating content isn’t enough; you need to fully be aware of what you’re trying to achieve with every piece of content you produce in order to ensure that it’s tailored correctly. Your content production should be in line with your marketing and company goals, so once you’ve established those, you’ll know which direction to take your content in.

Do You Know Who Will Be Reading Your Content?

The best content tailors specifically for its desired readership and should allow your reader to feel as though the content is aimed directly at them. You want your reader (therefore new potential customer) to feel understood and that they have formed a connection with you and your business through your content.

To effectively do this, you need to research your target market and tailor your content towards them accordingly.

Have You Understood Your Buyer’s Mindset?

All content has different uses, and you need to understand where your consumer’s mind is during the course of them reading your content. This means understanding how to reach out to your consumer at a specific time.

If you are creating content to attract the attention of new customers in the early stages, then this could be in the form of an introductory blog.

If you’re creating content to focus more on your product or service for those consumers who have already been established, then a general blog won’t cut it. You, therefore, need to create more tailored content, such as a video explaining your services.

If you are creating content for those consumers fully on board with your product, but needing an extra incentive, then your content could be a free trial offer or a discount marketing email.

Ensure that you consider all of these questions when creating any content for your business.

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