DirecTV and TiVo kiss and make up, again, with HD agreement

"In the clearest signal to date that the new management at DirecTV is changing course, the satellite TV provider announced this morning it has renewed — rather than let elapse — its agreement with time-shifting hardware provider TiVo. Although it may still be a little late for some consumers, TiVo is now promising a new HD box for DirecTV subscribers for the second half of 2009."

I am very interested in hearing more about this box, including its features. Microsoft’s handling of its Media Center has been making me question my loyalty to the product. If this new HD box gives me anything close to what my Media Center can do, I might jump ship and be exclusive to Tivo.

How will this affect the Media Center/DirecTv partnership? This would give customers 3 different choices for DVRs, which is great for customers. But I can guarantee most people will go with the Tivo option, leaving Media Center in the dust and an afterthought. You had your chance Microsoft and you blew it!

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