I’ve have been using the web to access emails from Hotmail.com. I usually have it set up through my Outlook but now I am remote most of the time.

One thing that was getting on my nerves, a person who emails me, somehow has a Flickr account attached to their email domain(Is my guess). So every time I read their email, I see their work Flickr account photos in the email. I don’t want to see those photos every time I open an email from them. I needed to put an end to this because it is the same pictures every time and have nothing to do with the email.

Here is how to turn off the ‘Active View’ feature in Hotmail;

1. Sign in to your Windows Live Hotmail account.
2. Go to Options – More Options. The Options menu is located to the right.
3. Reading email -> Active View settings.
4. Do you want to see previews? -> Hide previews.
5. Do you want to get interactive updates from web sites you have accounts with?’ -> No.
6. Save

Now you will no longer see the Flickr photos while read emails.

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