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AI Operations: The Future of Scalable Business Systems

In today's fast-paced digital world, organizations are under constant pressure to innovate, optimize, and scale. To meet these challenges, the confluence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and operations—often referred to as AI Operations or AI Engineering—has emerged as a game-changing paradigm. But what exactly does AI operations entail, and how can bus [...]

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Embracing Change Management: A Must for Web Developers

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, change is more than just an option—it's a necessity. The world of web development is no exception. Amidst this ongoing digital transformation, understanding and effectively implementing change management becomes critical. But, what is change management for web developers, and why should it be considere [...]

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.NET MAUI: The Evolution of Xamarin and Your Next Step in Cross-Platform Mobile Development

When it comes to cross-platform app development, there’s a fresh face on the scene that's taking the developer world by storm: .NET Multi-platform App UI, or .NET MAUI. Representing the evolution of Xamarin.Forms, .NET MAUI introduces a wide range of enhancements that make it a compelling proposition for ASP.NET developers. But what is .NET MAUI, how can [...]

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Unlocking Efficiency with Agile Development: A Guide for Web Developers

Agile Development: A Catalyst for Effective Web Development In an ever-evolving digital landscape, staying flexible and responsive to change is key. Agile development, a methodology that prioritizes adaptability and customer collaboration, is increasingly favored by web developers. But what is agile dev [...]

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eBay Seller Tip: This item cannot be accessed error

Using the eBay Turbo Lister is an easier way to upload your items to your eBay account. If you hve a lot, like I do, it can save you a ton of time. However at times it can be a pain. Like for example, lets say you have an item that sold over 90 days ago. You now have the item in stock and a ready to upload it again. But you get this error message from Turbo Lister. "This item [...]

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ASP.Net Web Service: The test form is only available for requests from the local machine.

You create a very cool ASP.Net Web Service on your local machine. You are ready to show the world, you deploy it on the server. Then you get the following message "The test form is only available for requests from the local machine. " Here is what you need to fix that.Open the web config file and add the following, you will be able to access the form outside of the lo [...]

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Block IP Address or Range Using Windows Firewall

Using a firewall you can easily block pesky and unwarranted IP addresses from infecting your system. Installing and setting up the Windows firewall is simple and keeps out the wrong IP addresses from your PC. Establishing Network Security Every once in a while you will get an IP address that is wholly unwanted. You can block these IP addresses using a number of methods. B [...]

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Exclusive Access Could Not Be Obtained Error During SQL Restore

Ever try to restore a .bak file to Microsoft SQL Server and get the following error? "Exclusive access could not be obtained because the database is in use" One way get the restore working again is to use this script; alter database db_name set offline with rollback immediate alter database db_name set online This clears the connections and then you can try your res [...]

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