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I have been looking for ways to save on cable TV service for many years. The thing that scared me the most about getting rid of cable was that I was not going to be able to watch live sporting events. I found that I can watch them online. I can even watch live NFL games online. With some research, I found a way to get my live sports on the internet.

Step 1. Using the VPN Service to Watch Football

A VPN service is going to be needed. I like ibVPN or invisible browsing VPN. Both have been good to me so far. The NFL has exclusive deals with DirectTV so there are some issues for fans. The NFL cannot allow fans in the United States to sign up for the full NFL Gamepass package. This VPN will trick the NFL service to think that you live in a different country. This allows you to bypass the restrictions and see the games. You will be able to access the NFL games and not have to worry about being blocked. You will have access to just about any game that you want. This is great for people that may not get the games of their favorite teams. Now you can watch the games that you want to see and not just the games that the cable network broadcast in your area.


There are two different types of NFL Gamepass. The version for the United States is found at This site will allow you to see replays of the games. When you type in the address you are automatically sent to the USA site.

The site is for people living outside of the United States. This is the site the rest of the world uses to watch American football games. They can watch these games online live while they are happening. The content is streamed over the internet and right onto their computer. This site is available just about anywhere in the world. When you click on it will bring you to People from the USA are not allowed to have access to this site. You can sign up for ibVPN online and then configure this site to the router or your computer. This is not as difficult as it may sound. Once you have done this click on This will bring you to a new NFL gamepass web page. You need to fill in your information during the signup process and they you are ready to see your games. This allows you to watch the NFL games live on your home computer. The NFL will not know that you are a resident of the United States and you will be able to see any NFL football game you want.

Step 2. You can Watch the NFL Streamed To Your TV

There is another option that will let you watch the NFL games on your TV set. Some people want to see the game on a bigger screen so they do not miss anything. They want to see the live action on a big tv and the computer screen may not do it for them. This is how to access the games on your TV screen.

*You can use the Google Chromecast.

* You need to configure the Chromecast to work in the Google Chrome browser.

*Go to while using Google Chrome.

* Access will be granted to stream NFL games through Chromecast and right to your TV

Step 3. Watch NFL Games for Free

There are ways to watch NFL games for free. A site such as have forums that will show you how to access these games. There are websites that members post that are airing the NFL games for free. There is a good option for people that do not have the extra money to pay.

Now NFL fans can cut out their cable service. Many people hold onto their cable subscription just so they can get the NFL games during football season. With these other methods to watch the games, you no longer have to pay for cable just to watch football. Using these services you can also get any game that you want. If your team is not broadcast in your area you can now watch the game thanks to this internet streaming.

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  1. Lily

    I can tell you how to watch it

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    I don’t know how to watch it absolutely free, However You can take subscription on ScreenVariety for $50/yearly if you want to watch games HD

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    I’m not clear how to watch NFL for free

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      In this instance, you have to pay for it.

  4. Jarom Linton

    It’s awesome to learn about how you can use just a simple Chromecast to watch NFL games on your TV at home. My brother is a huge Dallas Cowboys fan and I want to get him something like this for his birthday. I think it would be perfect if I could find some great tickets to a game or two as well.