How To Watch Live NFL Games Online 2015 Season

I have been a cable cord cutter for over a year. My biggest fear was live sporting events. How do I watch them online. More importantly, how do I watch live NFL games online. With a bit of trial and error. I found a system that works.

Step 1.

You need to use a VPN service. I use ibVPN or invisible browsing VPN. They have been great so far. The issue for fans is the exclusive deal the NFL made with DirecTV. It prevents the NFL from letting fans in the US, sign up for their full NFL Gamepass package. Using a VPN service basically tricks the NFL server into thinking you are from a different country. Hence bypassing the US restrictions.

There are two different versions of NFL Gamepass. The US version https://www.nfl.com/gamepass. Which allows people in the US to see replays of games. http://gamepass.nfl.com is for people outside the US, who can watch all the games online LIVE. Notice when you click on http://gamepass.nfl.com it redirects you to https://www.nfl.com/gamepass.

Sign up for ibVPN and configure your router or PC. Then click on http://gamepass.nfl.com. It redirects you to a whole different NFL Gamepass site. There, use your information to sign up and you are good to go. Now you can watch NFL games LIVE on your PC.

Step 2 optional TV. 

If you want to watch the games on your TV. You can buy Google Chromecast and stream the live games to your TV. Once you configure Chromecast to work with the Google Chrome browser. Going to http://gamepass.nfl.com on the Google Chrome browser, will give you the option to stream the games through Chromecast to your TV.

Now NFL fans can cut the cable once and for all.

Post any questions or comments below and I will try to answer them.



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Lily - July 22, 2016

I can tell you how to watch it -www.nfl.com/scores

hatmakerlizzette - September 2, 2016

I don’t know how to watch it absolutely free, However You can take subscription on ScreenVariety for $50/yearly if you want to watch games HD


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