After trying to install VMWare Player on my Windows Vista PC. All of which failed every time. I ran their uninstall clean exe. Which resets the registry based on the things that tried to be installed. After a reboot, I HAD NO KEYBOARD!

The keyboard would work in the bios section, but as soon as I got to the Windows login page, the keyboard stopped working. Not even in Safe Mode would the keyboard work.

After freaking out for a good 20 minutes and cursing VMWare for messing up my main PC. I was able to login to Windows Vista by using the help menu on the login screen. There is a checkbox for Enable Virtual Keyboard. THANK GOODNESS for that.

After login and seeing the error in the Devise Manager. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the Keyboard drivers but nothing worked. Any keyboard I plugged into the PC, USB or PS/2 did not matter, nothing was working.

After to bit of Googling I found this awesome blog post that save me time, money and fixed the problem.

Keyboard Not Working Due to Missing Or Corrupt Drivers (Code 39) – By Ryan T Adams

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