My wife reads almost 2 books a week. I’m not joking. We have our membership to Netflix and love it. We talked about how it would be great if there was a Netflix for books. With a simple Google search, we found one. It’s called

BookSwim is the first online book rental library club lending paperbacks and hardcovers Netflix-style directly to your home without the need to purchase. All it takes is a monthly fee. This service is great because it saves you money, trips to the store and space in your home. It is also a very green thing to do. Just think of all the trees you will save.

To start, you put your books in a pool (queue). Get it, book swim, pool! They are then shipped directly to your house. My wife gets three books at a time. She reads two, then returns them, and while she’s reading the third book, the next two books in her pool are sent to her. So she always has a book in hand.

They are a young company so you will have to go through some growing pains. Twice, books were shipped late because they never got our return package. But their customer service rectified the situation quickly. Aside from those instances it has been a great service. I like it because it saves us money and I don’t have to find room for all those books.

Give it a try.

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