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SharePoint Gotcha – It may have been deleted or renamed by another user

I recently had an error on one of our SharePoint sites that is the worst kind of error a programmer could face. It only happens sometimes.

It was a typical SharePoint 2007 code error, very vague. "It may have been deleted or renamed by another user." This error message is completely imposable because I wrote the code and it was not deleted or renamed.

I re-checked the code. Double checked the store procedures. I even commented out lines of the code to see where the error "It may have been deleted or renamed by another user" might be originating from. Not matter what I did, I still got the error.

What made the error even more strange was the page in question uses a query string. If the ID was 1 – 13. The page loaded without problem. 14 or more, I got the error message.

After a Google search I found out what my problem was. It wasn't me, it was them!

"People may experience a problem with Query string Field named as ID when the application is custom coded for share point site.

Problem arises when you use ID as query string parameter.Ex: http:xyz:1000/Pages/EditItem.aspx?ID=1."

Full article

Now come on Microsoft, really? I can't use ID in any custom Sharepoint code. That is a first.

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