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Stop Displaying “Name ActiveX Control” on a SharePoint 2007 website

We use Sharepoint 2007 or MOSS 2007 as a content management system for several clients including ourselves. Sharepoint 2007 is a very power content management system. Much more than the other open source systems like Drupal and Joomla. But with great power sometimes come great pains.

Because Sharepoint 2007 is for both Intranet sites and outward facing sites. If you are running an outward facing site you need to make some configuration changes behind the scenes. This sometimes can be a pain.

An example of a pain is our CM3Solutions.com site kept displaying "The Web site wants to run the following add-on: 'Name ActiveX Control' from
'Microsoft Corporation'. If you trust the Web site and the add-on and want to
allow it to run, click here…" The average user is just there to view the site and doesn't need to download this plugin.

Here is the fix from Microsoft

Here is another blog about this issue

UPDATE: The fix from Microsoft caused a JavaScript error on the page. Which prevented some of the MOSS 2007 editing capabilities.

This fix solved both problems.

Fixing the name.dll ActiveX Problem the Mossman Way

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