In the email world, the pop3 account is kind of the lowest form of email. Unlike it’s fancier brother Exchange, a pop3 account is very limited in what it can do.

When on your PC and you open the windows Mail client, it makes a connection to your mailserver and downloads emails to your PC. The process then ends there.

The problem clients run into, they also want to check email on their phone or tablet. If you are using a pop3 account, then that will be a problem.

If you download your latest messages to you PC. If you do the same on your phone, there will be NO messages. If you send an email on your phone, it wont appear in you sent folder on the PC.

We recommend if you are using a PC as your main business hub. That main PC will be the ONLY place you check email. If something happens to your PC and it dies, then those emails will be gone.

In Exchange Online, you don’t run into any of these issues. We explain the differences between a pop3 account and Exchange online in a later blog post.

If you are a one or two person small business and looking to save a bit of money. Then it is OK to use a pop3 account. However as your business grows and demands on you go outside and need mobility are your part. Exchange online would be your next step up.

If you are interested in using pop3 for your business please contact us and we can get you started. Feel free to drop a comment below to ask any questions.

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