, a great technology news site, has an article up about the new version of windows ‘Fiji’ which supports DirecTv. They have posted some pictures but nothing too earth shattering. But non the less, Directv on my media center PC is coming 😉

"Windows codename Fiji, also known as "Media Center Edition +1," is the next
version of Windows Media Center Edition, the private beta program for which
began in early May, according to Mary Jo Foley. Microsoft has
been very quiet about Fiji, but we do know that the software giant plans to add
DirecTV support and a (separate from Windows Update) built-in updating engine
dubbed "Windows Media Center Update." There has also been much discussion on
whether or not Fiji will come in late
, or whether it would simply arrive with Windows 7 (unlikely, according
to a rumor).
Now it looks more like it will come before even Vista SP2. "

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