My 3 year old daughter was spending time at her Grandmothers house.  While they were playing in the living room, my daughter stated "I need to check my EMU". (Kid translation, EMU = email.) Yes, my 3 year old daughter wanted to check her email.

She then proceeded into her Grandmothers office, sat on the chair by the desk, and began to type away on a calculator. This lasted a couple of minutes and then it was back to playing.

An hour or so past when my daughter stated again "I need to check my EMU on the COMPILLER". (Kid translation, I need to check my email on the computer.)  It was back again to the office, at the calculator, typing away. Apparently this happened several times through out the day.

So what is the moral of the story? Having two techie parents has scarred our three year old?  We check our email too many times when our three year old is around?  Maybe it’s simple – checking our EMU on the COMPILLER is not so important… maybe as parents we need to focus on more important things, and get down on the floor to build up that tower of blocks, just so she can knock it down. Just a thought!

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