We at CM3 Solutions are very involved in the green movement. From personally eating organic foods to helping businesses become more environmentally friendly. So when I heard that Discovery networks had purchased TreeHugger.com, a personal favorite web site of mine, and were changing Discovery Home to Planet Green. I was very interested in how it would turn out.

"Planet Green is the first and only 24-hour eco-lifestyle television
network with a robust online presence and community. Launching in June
2008, on-air content will reach 50 million homes with more than 250
hours of original green lifestyle programming. Both online and on-air,
Plant Green’s content is entertaining, relevant, and accessible to
people of all ages and backgrounds. By representing a broad range of
ideas and perspectives, Planet Green is taking an active role in
generating conversation and motivating individuals to take action when
it comes to improving the environmental status of our planet."

Well in the month of June Planet Green debuted. I had a chance to watch some of their shows this weekend and I thought they were done very well. G word, Renovation Nation and Greensburg are now being recorded on my DVR (Media Center PC). The channel is now part of my limited rotation of channels ESPN, DIY Network, Food Network and NFL Network. If you are interested in things Green you might want to check it out.

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