CM3 Solutions Now Accepts Bitcoin, Dogecoin for Payment

For people who have invested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin or any other major cryptocurrency, there are often questions about where you can spend this form of currency. Unlike traditional cash or credit forms of payment, cryptocurrency does not transfer to a vendor or company in a normal form of payment through a banking system. Because of this, some companies are uncertain how to take this form of currency for payment of their goods or services.

In general, because cryptocurrencies are not monitored by standard banking or the Federal Reserve or International Banking systems their use can be confusing. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies as a currency for commodities is a new and emerging form of exchange that is taking root on a global scale. There is now an increasing number of platforms and venues that allow owners of this digital currency to utilize and spend their “digital coins” at certain venues in exchange for products or services.

Joining the ranks of other companies, CM3 Solutions has started to accept the use of using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other major cryptocurrencies for payment of their services. Whether your company is in need of Web Design, SharePoint Consulting, ASP.Net, Office 365 Management or Web Hosting assistance, all of these services we provide can now be accessed through cryptocurrency payments. The value of your cryptocurrency exchange is determined upon the point of transaction. We now accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment for the following services:

Web Design

Web Design is one of our most highly used services by companies across the country. When we help a company design their web page, our professional team works with one thought in mind-how to present your company in a fascinating, intriguing and functional way that inspires visitor responses.

SharePoint Consulting

If your company is interested in utilizing the advanced technology of the highly advanced SharePoint, our professional staff is trained in helping companies learn to integrate the SharePoint system. The SharePoint online and document and storage system is highly configurable with company systems that have Microsoft Office.

ASP.Net Services

For companies that are looking for ASP.NET as an open-source server-side web application for their company’s website development, our team of professionals is trained in the use of this system. We can help your company to create savvy interactive and dynamic web pages.

Office 365 Management

For companies who want to build a productive Office 365 program for their business needs, our team at CM3 Solutions can help your company set up the program in your network and establish a baseline for building its productivity aspects based on your company’s needs. This system will provide your company with storage space for your business needs, allow for 60 Skype minutes on a monthly basis, and can be expanded into other social networking services for business email platforms, SharePoint, Exchange Server and more. This service once set up is billed as a subscription service.

Web Hosting Services

Our professional Web Hosting Services allows companies to host their websites on our server. We can accommodate any size business Web Hosting needs. Our service includes basic Web Hosting, Database Management, and Virtual Management services. We have full Microsoft’s Office 365 cloud-based Exchange platform. This platform allows a company to develop an integrated email system that can be accessed from any device and in almost any location where service can be accessed. We also offer Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam solutions in every Web Hosting account.

Web Development Services

If your business is looking for professional assistance with Web Development, we offer full web application development services. Customized web applications can transform a basic business web presence into a thriving transformative website that can is interactive, efficient and productive.

No two businesses are alike. But all businesses need to have their website developed to cater to the specific needs to enhance the businesses communications, create seamless interactions and increase productivity. At CM3 Solutions, we specialize in taking the time to properly evaluate a company’s baseline business and how it attracts interactions online with whom they cater to. We then work directly with the company to convert this information in a platform for the company that serves their customer and clientele through their creating advanced premier online website applications.