Application development is no longer a considered an option in today’s world of electronic communication, sales, marketing, process, and resource management.

Custom web applications energize and transform businesses into high-performing organizations.

Each industry has unique processes. Online
applications can mirror important processes in order to increase efficiencies, reduce errors and save money to support company operations. CM3 Solutions specializes in evaluating offline business processes and converts them into online applications.

The power of the Internet can be used effectively by companies to enhance the way their clients, employees and business partners work together by:

  • Improving organizational performance
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving management control and flexibility

The CM3 Solutions Advantage

CM3 Solutions has extensive experience in developing successful custom web applications for a multitude of industries. We work closely with our clients to fully understand the unique demands of their businesses and then design application strategies to drive new business growth. At CM3 Solutions, we show our clients how to expand their businesses by using smart technology.

CM3 Solutions has a unique mix of capabilities that make us the perfect business partner:

  • Market experience: CM3 Solutions team of experts have an extensive history of building complex, highly specialized applications that meet the individual needs of our clients, and result in discernible growth and business successes.
  • Business insight: CM3 Solutions attention to new and emerging electronic technologies ensures a thorough understanding of the latest and best development of custom applications. As a leader in application development, CM3 Solutions team of talented, experienced, and well trained experts create a competitive advantage for our clients.
  • Technology excellence: The capabilities driving success are increasingly motivated by technology. CM3 Solutions effectively manages technology at a high service level for all our clients.

CM3 Solutions develops applications using the newest technologies and programming languages including ASP.Net, Silverlight, Objective-C, ASP, PHP, Flash, JavaScript, XML, AJAX, CSS, DHTML, and basic HTML. Client budget, application specifications, and understanding the pros and cons of each technology dictate which solution is best for a particular project.

CM3 Solutions is always in the fore front when it comes to implementing new technologies and researching new development techniques. As the Internet grows and browsers and platforms become more advanced, it’s important to work with a company that has the flexibility and experience to stay ahead of the game.

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