A very large part of our web design process is understanding you and your business.

We want to provide great service and we can’t do that without fully understanding your needs. You can fill out a questionnaire or we can treat you to coffee. No matter the method of conversation we want to forge a relationship that will allow both of us to better understand what is needed to proceed.

When we take on your project we use the following steps:


Gathering information is an important first step in designing and developing a website that best fits you and your business.


By using the information we gather from you we will be able to devise a plan. We will determine what keywords and phrases will be best suited for your website, create a sitemap, and determine what technologies should be implemented for use with your website.


This is the sticking point. Everyone wants a nice looking and functional website. You can have the nicest looking website on the web, but if you don’t have any content to deliver the appropriate message to your clients or potential customers, what’s the point? Content is king; It is the most important aspect of your website. Content is usually the most difficult aspect of a website build as well. Don’t worry, we’ll help with content ideas if you’re stuck scratching your head.


We create a static mock-up starting with the front page and then a shell for the interior pages. This will demonstrate our combined design ideas. It’s important to get the look and feel down prior to development. This will not only help save time but money in the long run. Adjustments can always be made throughout the design process.


The development stage is where design meets code and where all elements of your website come together. We take the static graphic layout and turn all the elements into a functioning website. During the development stage you will have access to view the progress of your website in real time.


As we are developing your website we are constantly testing and checking to ensure everything is working as intended. After we have finished the development process we will double and triple check all features of your website to ensure everything is functioning properly. You are also invited to take the website for a test drive.


This is the launch of your new website.

XYZ Services

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Esports News Central – Custom Site & Logo Design

Esports News Central is a video-related industry news site focusing on the world of Esports. It covers the video games related to the esports industry as well as events and player news. WordPress Web DesignCustom WordPress DevelopmentHostingContentLogo Esports News

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