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You have read the title correctly. We want to show you how we took a client’s Facebook page with just over 14,000 likes to over 100,000 likes in one month. We did this for under $350. That is around 0.004 per like. At some points during the campaign, we were around 0.008 per like.

Our client really wanted to grow his Facebook group. In his niche, there is a lot of competition. Most of his competitors were over 100,000 as well and he wanted to get there too.

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How did we do it? With target ads with targeted keywords for his niche. The results were even better than we had hoped for. We actually ran two ads for most of the campaign until they started to lose steam so we added two more and turn the others off.

Facebooks Ad Sets

Don’t believe our results? The numbers don’t lie

Facebook Likes Data

You can see the incredible growth we had in just one month. Just think what we can do for you!

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