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You should give the Planet Green channel a try

We at CM3 Solutions are very involved in the green movement. From personally eating organic foods to helping businesses become more environmentally friendly. So when I heard that Discovery networks had purchased TreeHugger.com, a personal favorite web site of mine, and were changing Discovery Home to Planet Green. I was very interested in how it […]

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I don’t like Best Buy

The title says it all – I don’t like Best Buy. Let me tell you about my experiences with Best Buy, the home electronics chain here in the US. Let’s start this story several years ago. My wife and I, for a wedding gift to ourselves, decided to purchase a big screen rear projection TV. […]

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Windows codename Fiji Screen Shots

ArsTechnica.com, a great technology news site, has an article up about the new version of windows ‘Fiji’ which supports DirecTv. They have posted some pictures but nothing too earth shattering. But non the less, Directv on my media center PC is coming 😉 "Windows codename Fiji, also known as "Media Center Edition +1," is the […]

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Microsoft demonstrates Multi-touch

From Windows Vista Blog "For years Microsoft has been investing in many forms of natural input in order to simplify the way people interact with their PC’s and devices. The advent of the original Windows graphical user interface forever changed the way people used their PC’s. Today, advances in pen and handwriting technology in Windows […]

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AVG Virus Scan 7.5 Update Pop Up

One of the products we recommend to all of our clients is called AVG virus scan by Grisoft. It’s the same type of Virus scan as McAfee or Noton. However, the reason we like AVG better is simple:  it’s free and it works well. Recently, there has been a pop up appearing on our clients […]

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Yahoo Claims Record With Petabyte SQL Database

Yahoo claims it has the largest SQL database in a production environment and that it will grow larger. This shows you how scalable the Microsoft Development platform is. By the way 80% of all CM3 Solutions database are SQL. We never had any issues with our SQL servers. MySql on the other hand has been […]

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Windows Home Server Power Pack Public Beta

One of the cool things that Microsoft has come out with in the last year is called Windows Home Server. Windows Home Server is basically a data back up solution for your home. With Windows Home Server, families and home-based businesses with multiple computers can more easily store, share, access, and automatically protect their digital […]

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