Windows codename Fiji Screen Shots

ArsTechnica.com, a great technology news site, has an article up about the new version of windows ‘Fiji’ which supports DirecTv. They have posted some pictures but nothing too earth shattering. But non the less, Directv on my media center PC is coming 😉

"Windows codename Fiji, also known as "Media Center Edition +1," is the next
version of Windows Media Center Edition, the private beta program for which
began in early May, according to Mary Jo Foley. Microsoft has
been very quiet about Fiji, but we do know that the software giant plans to add
DirecTV support and a (separate from Windows Update) built-in updating engine
dubbed "Windows Media Center Update." There has also been much discussion on
whether or not Fiji will come in late
, or whether it would simply arrive with Windows 7 (unlikely, according
to a rumor).
Now it looks more like it will come before even Vista SP2. "

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Microsoft demonstrates Multi-touch

From Windows Vista Blog

"For years Microsoft has been investing in many forms of natural input
in order to simplify the way people interact with their PC’s and
devices. The advent of the original Windows graphical user interface
forever changed the way people used their PC’s. Today, advances in pen
and handwriting technology in Windows Vista offers students a natural
and intuitive way to capture searchable notes and diagrams in the
classroom. Others are using this technology to quietly capture pen
based notes during meetings. Speech recognition, something which was
once considered science fiction, is enabling many Windows Vista users
to see, hear, and use their computers for the very first time."

I want one!

Video: Multi-Touch in Windows 7

AVG Virus Scan 7.5 Update Pop Up

One of the products we recommend to all of our clients is called AVG virus scan by Grisoft. It’s the same type of Virus scan as McAfee or Noton. However, the reason we like AVG better is simple:  it’s free and it works well.

Recently, there has been a pop up appearing on our clients computers asking them to upgrade to AVG 8.0.  There is a long process of clicks to get you where you want to go.
You can skip all this by going to download.com

1. Click "download now" and save the file to your Desktop (It might take a little while to download)
2. Make sure all of your programs (Internet Explorer, Word, etc) are closed before you start to install
2. Click Run
3. Make sure you select Standard Installation
4. Uncheck the "Yes, I would like to install the AVG Security Tool Bar"

That’s it!

If you have any problems or questions, comment on this post below. You might help someone else. We will answer your questions within 24 hours, if not sooner.

Here is the long way to do it, if you feel adventurous:
1. Click the Learn More and Upgrade Now button on the bottom right of the pop up
2. It will take you here
3. Here is where you need to pay attention, at the bottom of the page you will see:
"If you’re happy to continue manually monitoring your online security and have created your own layered security approach, click here to add new AVG Free 8.0 to your security mix."

4.  Click on the Click Here link
5. It will load a new page
6. Click the download button in the "AVG Free" column
7. It will load a new page
8.  Click the download button
9. It will open a new page (Download.com)
10. Click Download Now and save the file to your Desktop
11. Make sure all your programs are closed before you start to install
12. Click Run
13. Make sure you select Standard Installation
14. Uncheck the "Yes, I would like to install the AVG Security Tool Bar"

See how much time we saved you 😉

Yahoo Claims Record With Petabyte SQL Database

Yahoo claims it has the largest SQL database in a production environment and that it will grow larger. This shows you how scalable the Microsoft Development platform is. By the way 80% of all CM3 Solutions database are SQL. We never had any issues with our SQL servers. MySql on the other hand has been a different story.

What does this super geek talk mean to you? CM3 Solutions always stays on the cutting edge of technology to give our customers the best product and services.

Credit: InformationWeek.com

Windows Home Server Power Pack Public Beta

One of the cool things that Microsoft has come out with in the last year is called Windows Home Server. Windows Home Server is basically a data back up solution for your home. With Windows Home Server, families and home-based businesses with
multiple computers can more easily store, share, access, and
automatically protect their digital photos, videos, music, and other
important data.

We use it in our home and love it. I took an Old PC laying around in the basement. Installed the OS, added some hardrives and done. 1 Terabit of back up storage. Music and photos shared throughout the different PCs within our house. I would say this project is definitively for a PC novice. If you are interested in Windows Home Server email us at sales@cm3solutions.com for more details.

Anyway, computer geeks love when new things come out.

Here is a list of some of the new features

Beta testing next gen Windows Media Center with DirecTV tuner

Windows media center with DirecTv tuner is back in the news.

This is from TVSquard.com

"It’s likely that the update will add support for the upcoming DirecTV tuner. But other than that, it’s not entirely clear whether Fiji will sport any new features, or whether it’ll just be a refined version of Windows Vista Media Center."

I have been a Media Center user ever since I heard about the possibility of a DirecTV tuner. I think since the 2003 version, if I’m not mistaken. Tivo has been a favorite of my wife and I for a long time. Our current Directv Tivo is old… too old in PC years. I even had to open the box and replace the hard drive. I thought my wife was going to have a nervous breakdown. She had to leave the room when I started messing with it.

Directv said they were going to do this great update at the beginning of 2008. They even called us about it, sent an email and a post card.  Still nothing. In the last 6 months, I built a new Home Theater PC. (Extreme Tech.com for parts details) It’s waiting for this tuner.

But I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. But it looks like more waiting is needed.

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