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How To Remove / Turn Off Page Info On Printed Pages

All web browsers, by default, add the date, page number and URL to any printed internet page. I have never personally needed that information, nor have I heard of anyone wanting it. So lets get rid of it and enjoy our nice clean printed pages. Internet Explorer (IE) Settings->Print->Page Setup… Set the Header and Footers […]

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Sending an Email as An Email Attachment

Sometimes if you have gotten a spam message you need an administrator to review it. If it is forwarded to the administrator, it will loose some key pieces to the puzzle of where it came from. So you need to send the email in question as an attachment. Here is how; Open the message Click on the Office […]

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Bitcoin Resources Starter Guide


Many people are starting to ask about Bitcoin. What is it, where can I find out more information about it? Here are a list the sites I’ve used to learn more about this incredible new technology that could revolutionize many different things. From Reddit – “Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet: a distributed, worldwide, decentralized […]

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