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In today’s business world, leaders need technology to gain an edge over competitors and to unleash the potential of their employees. Without technology in your business, you will surely lose revenue to your competitors. There are dozens of companies out there offering technology solutions for your business, but how can you be sure which one will have the best quality for the best price? There is a simple answer to this question: Office 365 for business. Office 365 has been the leader in providing technology to business for decades. Here are the plans they provide and some general information so that you can decide which one is right for your business. Please be reminded that for the price per month it is the price per user. So if you want ten employees to have the features, multiply the price per number by 10.

E1 Is For The Small Business

E1 provides the basis for your business such as emails/calendars/ online meetings, file storage, and Skype. This is the most basic plan costing $8 a month with a yearly commitment. This plan provides great assets for a business that might not have a big budget or for start-up companies that need to watch how they spend their cash. With this plan, employees will be able to communicate with each other much easier and have a lot of new ways to complete their tasks. One drawback with this plan is that it does not provide applications like word and excel. This plan is perfect for a business that does not have many employees or one that needs to watch their cash because they are on a strict budget.

ProPlus Is For The Business That Needs Applications

The ProPlus plan has all the great features of the E1 plan but with popular applications such as Word and Excel. ProPlus is the E1 plan, but with the wonderful applications, Microsoft provides. These applications are great tools for your employees to get work done and to complete presentations. This plan is priced at $12 a month for a year commitment which makes it only slightly more expensive than the E1 plan, but with so many features and applications that can make your business leap forward in gaining revenue. Another great feature about the ProPlus plan is that it can go across all devices and computers so that if one of your employees writes a report on Word another employee can easily access that report on a device. This makes it even easier to be able for the company to share information that will enhance productivity which will enhance revenue over the long term.

E3 Is For The Business That Needs Advanced Data Management

E3 is a big leap from the previous two plans, both in features and in price. At $20 a month for a yearly commitment, you gain all the previous great benefits listed in the two previous plans with some new features such as data loss prevention, workflow automation, and mobile/app development. This plan is really geared towards companies that need a much more higher technical advantage and for companies that are big in size that need a lot of data managed. With this plan, you are gaining a lot more data management geared benefits and features. With data management, instead of relying on a person to mounted your business data, allow Microsoft to do it for you.

E4 Is For Big Business

E4 is the biggest plan you can buy from Office 365 for business. Pricing is at $35 a month for yearly commitment and has all the great features of the previous plans but with voice capabilities, advanced security, and analytics. This really is for the big business that needs everything that Microsoft offers. This plan is great for providing security for your data, and ways to analyze their data quickly. One thing that might be considered bad about this plan is that it is a very big price leap from the previous plans. For the big price, you do not gain much from this plan unless you are in a big company that needs these advanced features.

With business, you need the best technology to be ahead of your competitors. Microsoft Office 365 for business does just that and more. With each plan, your company can find a price and a set of features that are required in the day to day work of your company. As technology evolves your business needs to evolve too. Feel free to go to the official Microsoft website to check out the plans and to decide which one is right for your business today.

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