Windows media center with DirecTv tuner is back in the news.

This is from

"It’s likely that the update will add support for the upcoming DirecTV tuner. But other than that, it’s not entirely clear whether Fiji will sport any new features, or whether it’ll just be a refined version of Windows Vista Media Center."

I have been a Media Center user ever since I heard about the possibility of a DirecTV tuner. I think since the 2003 version, if I’m not mistaken. Tivo has been a favorite of my wife and I for a long time. Our current Directv Tivo is old… too old in PC years. I even had to open the box and replace the hard drive. I thought my wife was going to have a nervous breakdown. She had to leave the room when I started messing with it.

Directv said they were going to do this great update at the beginning of 2008. They even called us about it, sent an email and a post card.  Still nothing. In the last 6 months, I built a new Home Theater PC. (Extreme for parts details) It’s waiting for this tuner.

But I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting. But it looks like more waiting is needed.

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