Obviously, I am making a reference to the Hero’s TV show "Save the Cheerleader, Save the World" phrase from the first season. If you haven’t watch the show you should. It’s a favorite of mine.

Anyway, we were in a Giant Supermarket the other day and we decided to bring our own bag from the Common Market, another store where we shop. Every member gets their own grocey bag. So I figured lets just bring it to Giant. I can put more items in it and we already have a ton of plastic bags at home. Which is something we have been trying to avoid by getting paper bags when we can. Plastic bags are not only bad for environmental reasons, but they are like ants. They just keep multiplying and never stop.

When we were at the self checkout, something I always do because I like to do it myself. The cashier who was monitoring the stations asked us how many bags we brought? We said 1 bag and she took off 5 cents off our purchases. You get 5 cents off for every bag you bring in. What a great idea! I thought I was weird for wanting to bring my own bag. But I was rewarded. Now I’ll do it every time. Do all grocery stores do this?

Speaking of these bags. If you become a client of CM3 Solutions, we send you one of these bags for free! Just trying to do our part to make a difference. For more information about these bags head over to our website www.cm3solutions.com.

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