I love my pop corn. I must have it while watching Lost or Hero's. But as I continue my journey towards greening up my lifestyle. I noticed a lot of waste when it came to eating my beloved TV watching snack.

There was the plastic wrapper that each pop corn bag came in. The bag itself is also an issue. You use it once, then throw it way.

I needed to find a better solution. With a quick Google search, I found it on one of my favorite sites TreeHugger.com. How to Make your Own Microwave Pop corn. Google is such a wonderful tool. What would we do without it.

The solutions is simple, all you need are the kernels and a paper bag. The paper bag is great because you can use it over and over again. As long as you don't put any oil in it.

The only issue we've had so far was keeping the bag closed while it is popping. Our solutions was to put a microwaveable coffee mug over the opening. It's worked OK but we are still looking for a better solution. A clip with metal is not a good idea in a microwave.

Give it a try. Not only will you help the environment buy cutting down on your waste. You will also be saving $$$. A lot if you eat pop corn like us.

Update – The cost

1 pound of pop corn from the local Organic market is $1.29

To get the equivalent amount using regular packaged microwave pop corn would be over $7.00.

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