I am not a car person at all. When guys talk about horse power, turbo injection and so on – I have no idea what they are talking about. So this past weekend I felt my ‘man points’ move up when I told my wife "I’m going outside to work on the car."

What I did was add a Sirius FM Direct Adapter and mount to both of our cars. Between cell phones, GPS, DVD player and Sirius Satellite radio, things we getting a bit out of hand. I must say it was not hard to do. Thanks to www.tss-radio.com. You can go on their site, select your car make and model and it will tell you which mount to buy and what tools you’ll need. Each mount comes with easy to follow instructions.

I took me about an hour and a half per car. Not bad and it looks awesome. Like a pro did it.

Thanks to the internet I can now add DIY car guy to my tool belt.

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