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When it comes to the world of business, it’s sometimes difficult to remember that each and every one of your staff members has a complex life and set of relationships with their coworkers. This level of complexity in the interpersonal relationships in your business can be the source of great creativity and collaboration, or occasionally it can become a cause for concern. Below, you’ll learn how the right software package can help your team communicate and interact far better, leaving your staff feeling respected and well catered-for in 2020 and beyond.


One of the key markers of a happy worker is the respect they have for their company and their bosses, and the reciprocal respect that they feel they are earning from their managers. It’s this mutual relationship that allows workers to feel free and secure to work hard and effectively for your company over the course of their service. What’s exciting, in 2020, is that this kind of respect can be fostered by software.

Indeed, by using XCD-developed software available at, you’ll be able to show respect to your employees by giving them full access to the data that you hold on them. You’ll allow them to make edits and changes, and they’ll see what your HR team communicates about them each day. It’s a great way to involve your team in the decisions made about them in your company.


Another key element to the successful interpersonal relationships that the best businesses maintain is the feedback loop. Put simply, a feedback loop allows employees and managers to grow and learn by providing a channel for individuals to comment constructively on one another’s performance. It’s often through technology that employees feel most comfortable leaving such feedback.

By bringing such a system into your company, you’ll be able to see the sort of data, interactions, relationships, and criticisms that your staff has to share with managers and HR teams; by responding to these messages, you’ll show that you do truly care about the happiness and fulfillment of your employees.

Remote and Instant

Another key to relationships – indeed, the most functional building block of human interaction – is communication. In the office, this can take place over the mythical water cooler or after work at Friday drinks. But in times of lockdown, and with remote working an increasing trend, it’s important for relationships to be able to grow in the digital space, too.

That’s why digital communications apps and programs are so important for a wide array of companies in the twenty-first century. If your staff is able to build strong and deep relationships through instant and remote communications channels, they’ll be better set to work hard as a team, pulling together during those periods of peaking workloads and stress.

When it comes to technology in business, it’s important to be aware of the ways in which you can enhance human capabilities and traits – like relationships and bonds – in order to get the very best out of your staff. In this article, you have learned three ways in which to do just that.

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