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Did you know this? 90% Of consumers make their decisions based exclusively on other user’s reviews. A lot of our clients ask, how can we leave you a review or we have a client that wants to leave a review. How do they leave a Google review? CM3 Solutions will show you how.

‘Awesome product.’ 5 Stars. Well… Anybody can do that. But only a few people know how to write a great Google review. Let’s see exactly how to do it!


The action of leaving a review is straightforward, but it depends on the type of device you are using. The typical way is using the Google Maps Review option. However, the requirement is having created a Google Account.

To write your review, you have to search for the business you are trying to review in google maps. Once you find the business location, you click on its name and look for its details section. Right below you will find the review list with the option of Adding a Review.

When it comes to writing reviews using a computer or a laptop the process is almost identical: you can enter google maps, find the business name and location and as soon as you click the ‘Add a Review’ option you will be directed to a new tab. Now you can write a review, selecting how many stars would you use to rate them and adding some images if you want.


Two reasons. People trust other people because they feel identified with them. They also trust Google because it is the most prominent authority on the Internet. Therefore, this may be very impacting when influencing visitors decisions.

Let’s say that you have a physical business and you create a web design to make you more accessible, but you receive ten one-star reviews from people giving a lot of reasons to complain and including photos. Guess what happens next.

You may have the best website in the world, but every time someone finds you on Google, as soon as they take a look at those reviews they will be so horrified that they will stay away from you as much as possible. That is not a good ending.

A customer that could have been delighted with your website would be interested in learning more about your company. Then he finds out those reviews. Again, the end of the story.

Luckily, the opposite situation is also real. As easy as it is to discourage people from visiting those businesses it is even easier to get positive reviews. It is incredibly beneficial for websites that have just started their journey and can give them an excellent boost in ranking with a good review.

We as visitors have the power of making those sites decay or prosper. This is why it is a great responsibility.


Google reviews are not just about influencing other people’s decisions. It is believed to affect the SEO of websites as well, making it more visible for visitors.

The reason website and business owners care so much about reviews is because they cannot be deleted. This means that even if they improve their services and the bad review is no longer justified, it will still be shown when searching for that website.

The only way to fix it is by creating at least three times more positive reviews. However, there is another topic that is more concerning for website creators.


You will know your review has quality when it gives such useful information that you help a lot of people with your opinion. You will realize there is an option to vote an existing review, to like or dislike it.

Your intent should always to be as helpful for other people as possible. Here is a quick guide on how to do this:

  • Always be Specific: There is a reason why services like Google Play add categories for their ratings. Knowing how to evaluate every single aspect is vital to avoid creating misleading reviews.
  • Being logical: This means understanding how the business you are rating generally works. As you suppose it is unfair doing a review after having only one impression. Some people share such particular stories that there is no way to relate to other visitors. Always focus on the overview.
  • Being Unique: When it comes to adding value, the best you can do is reading several previous reviews first and document yourself, so you are not repeating the same facts as hundreds of people. Even better addressing other people’s reviews in your review makes it way more valuable for others.
  • Adding photos when possible: Images are the most significant differentiator. After seeing a lot of walls full of text, there is nothing better than using the right image to catch people’s attention. You’ll notice people show more interest in your opinion.
  • Avoid Misleading Opinions: Even if you are trying to help the company with a dishonest positive opinion, it will only confuse future visitors more. You don’t want them to deal with deceptions.

Being able to help people with our opinions is a fascinating ability. We may not control the quality of the service we are rating, but we can control the situation by advising people and guiding them in the right direction. You will see how many of them will appreciate your insights!

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