Well, it finally happened. We got our notice from DirecTv to download their software update for our DirecTv Tivo. I’ve talked about this software update in a previous post.

We downloaded the software update and didn’t really notice any difference. My wife noticed that there is now a ‘Deleted Items’ folder. Which is OK, but nothing earth shattering. I would have been surprised if people were asking for this type of feature.

The main feature of this software update is you now have the ability to schedule TiVo to record programs online. Now that is something to be excited about. I tried it and it works fine.

My only question is why this big hype from DirecTv? First, they wanted to phase out the DirecTv Tivo and have their customers switch to the DirecTv DVR. Then good old Rupert Murdock sells DirecTv and now they seem to be revising their stance a bit. But still no talk of a new DirectTv Tivo. It’s like they are telling their customers, here’s a little something but not really. Without a new DirecTv Tivo in the future what’s the point of this exercise. You may be asking, what about the DirecTv DVR?

From what I hear from friends and what I’ve read on forums is that the DirecTv DVR stinks. It’s buggy and slow and most people who have it, hate it.

Especially if they come from the Tivo background.

So again, back to my question. Why did DirecTv hype this software update? Were they afraid people were going to leave for cable? Is there something new coming from Directv and Tivo? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good software update, but where do we go from here?

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