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Baseball season begins April 4th 2016. If you are a Major League Baseball fan like me, especially a Fantasy Baseball fan, then you would love to watch different games outside your local area. You can do that by signing up for MLB.TV. Its is less than $110, for the YEAR! . All the games and all the teams. Well….. not all the teams.

The problem is, MLB blocks  your local team games via your own IP location. That is the trade-off MLB made with the cable companies and local teams. You see, TV money is where baseball franchises make a TON of revenue. So Major League Baseball does not want to cut that cash cow off. So how do we get around this?

Step 1.

You need to use a VPN service. I use ibVPN or invisible browsing VPN. They have been great so far. Using a VPN service basically tricks the MLB.TV server into thinking you are from a different state. Hence bypassing the local blackout restrictions. This works fine if you are on your PC or tablet. But what if you want to watch it on your TV?

Step 2. Options for TV.

If you want to watch baseball games on your TV you have two options.

Option 1.

You can buy Google Chromecast and stream the live games to your TV. Once you configure Chromecast to work with the Google Chrome browser. Going to on the Google Chrome browser, will give you the option to stream the games through Chromecast to your TV.

Option 2.

If you have something like a Rokuor Xbox One . You can download the MLB app. Whoever the problem is still with blackouts. Well you are in luck.

ibVPN has a feature called SMARTdns. Follow the instructions to change your ISP’s DNS on your router. Then your whole home, no matter what device, will bypass the blackout. You wont even need to turn the VPN service on anymore when you are on your PC or device.  SMARTdns works on your router so the bypass happens before it gets to your device.

Caution. Sometimes this can mess with things like Netflix or Amazon so just keep that in mind if you notice any weird error messages when access these services.




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