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Over the course of the past decade, it’s become something of a no-brainer for businesses to relocate online — in other words, to find business in the online sphere of commerce and marketing that can help them turn over greater profits, and sell to a newly-connected global audience. For your business, this means that you’ll already have a website and you’ll already be leveraging the power of the Internet to help you make greater profits. But that doesn’t mean you’re using the web to its full potential. This article below will provide tips to help you improve your web offerings in 2020.


If you’re looking to impress with the state and nature of your website in 2020, you’re going to need your website to look the part. It’s no good to simply maintain a website that’s a half-decade old as this will look a little shabby when compared to the more modern, flashier and professional outfits. Experts in web design Wolverhampton can help you make the most of your website by helping you conduct a redesign that sticks — making your site fit for a new decade.

Look at SEO

Now that your website’s looking excellent, it’s time to consider how to drive traffic onto it. In general, your website will only finish in the top list of Google results if consumers type your brand or website name into Google’s search engine. That’s not enough to drum up the custom you want from your website and you need to make a strategy that will enable web users who use certain relevant keywords to land on your website. This is achieved through SEO, and an inexpensive way to start this strategy is to write a company blog on your website that links these keywords to your products.

Remove Friction

In the world of e-commerce, friction is anything that prevents or hinders a consumer from making the purchase on your website. This can include a multitude of different reasons, including:

  • Having too many clicks between your home page and the final product purchase button
  • Your website running and loading slow due to a poor design infrastructure
  • Your website looking unprofessional, with spelling mistakes and poor design resulting in a lack of trust
  • A lack of modernized payment options

All of these friction points are losing you custom in the modern era, and to make your web offerings tight and responsive in the 2020s, you need to remove these urgently, facilitating more sales as a result.

Use Social Media

There are other avenues on the world wide web that you can use to build yourself an exciting brand that crosses over into the ‘informal’ spaces of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, drawing in a new section of customers to interact with your brand. Use social media to market and to chat to customers, and you’ll find more people trusting and interacting with your brand as a result.

These tips should help you improve your business’ web offerings in 2020 and beyond.

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