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Many businesses view email marketing as an outdated form of marketing that has no place in the modern landscape. However, email marketing is still a worthwhile technique for businesses to pursue one that can return some strong results. Below are some of the most compelling reasons to continue to invest in email marketing in 2020. 

Drive Valuable Traffic to Your Website 

Every marketer understands that not all websites have the same value. Being linked to by a high authority domain has a much bigger impact on SEO schools than being linked to by an unknown blog. However, this same thinking also applies to traffic. Not every user has the same value to a website; those that are more likely to engage with and share its content will be worth more than those that are unlikely to become repeat visitors. 

People who have subscribed to your mailing list are mostly going to be high-quality users, representing valuable traffic. Email marketing content is a simple way of encouraging users who are already positively predisposed towards your business to visit your website more often and engage with your content. 

Refine Your Content Strategy 

You can use your email marketing to help you refine your overall content strategy and develop more engaging and effective marketing content. Professional email marketers will review every email campaign after it has finished, looking at a number of different metrics to determine its overall success. One of the most important elements of any email marketing campaign to analyze is the subject lines. Subject lines that are effective at encouraging engagement with an email will generally prove to be effective headlines for encouraging engagement with content on your website. 

Review the effectiveness of all of your email marketing after you execute each one, and use this information to inform your wider content strategy. You can also view your email marketing as a lab in which to test out new marketing ideas and messaging. Choosing the right email provider will help you a lot here you want a provider who will furnish you with plenty of data that you can use to further develop your marketing strategy. PieSync has an excellent article comparing Mailgun vs. SendGrid, two of the most popular providers today. The PieSync blog contains numerous useful software reviews and comparisons that small businesses might find helpful. Next time you need to acquire software for your business, be sure to take a look. 

Improve Engagement with Your Website 

User engagement with your website is one of the most important indicators you have of how successful your current content strategy is. The more that users are interacting with your website, the more opportunities you have to monetize that traffic and capitalize on those interactions. 

With carefully crafted email marketing messages, you can send more traffic to your website, and encourage more interaction from those users. Improving your on-site engagement will have a positive knock-on effect on your SEO. The longer customers spend on your website, and the more that they interact with it, the more your SEO score will benefit. 

When it’s done right, email marketing can form a crucial component of any business marketing strategy. The three advantages we have highlighted above are just a small selection of the many benefits of email marketing for modern businesses. 

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