When we tell clients we offer Microsoft Office 365 Exchange online services. The first response we usually get is… What is that?

I will explain it like this. If you have ever worked for a large organization that uses Outlook for their email. Most likely, the program running their email is Microsoft Exchange Server. Microsoft Exchange Server has been around since 1996. Pretty much any business used it, that is until players like Rackspace and Google came on board.

The Benefits of Microsoft Exchange are EMail, Calendar, Tasks and Contacts is synced across any device. So whether you check your email on a phone, tablet, PC or web browser. Your email is there where you can view it, when you need it. This is basically the main benefit over using a pop3 account. In this blog post I explain http://www.cm3solutions.com/what-is-a-pop3-account/

We always recommend to our clients or any business to use Exchange over pop3.

If you are interested in using Exchange online for your business please contact us and we can get you started. Feel free to drop a comment below to ask any questions. Let us what you think of Microsoft Office 365 Exchange online or any other online email services.

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